Number of A-Records in Load Balancing with Multiple A-Records

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Sun Jun 11 12:45:29 UTC 2006

Hi @ all,
I am searching for some experiences with the quantity of A-records for one host.
I would like to setup an simple load balancing environment with multiple A records in BIND 9.x.

But any examples I found, described setups with only 3 or max. 8 A-Records.

Is there someone who has some operating experience with environments that have
about 30 or up to 50 A-Records for an FQDN?

A further question is:
In the BIND 9 Administrator Reference Manual they are talking about the behavior of the clients like this:
"Most clients will use the first record returned and discard the rest."

But what is about the rest? Are there any side-effects or known problems? Specialy something about resolving problems? 

I am thankful for any suggestions or tipps.



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