Journal open failed.

kalyanasundaram S s.kalyanasundaram at
Wed Jun 14 11:45:29 UTC 2006

I am using bind 9.3.2
I am able to add host detail via yast.
but while trying from nsupdate it is giving me the error "journal open failed: Unexpected error"

in the same way i am trying to delete some host it is giving the error

master/ does not exist creating it
permission denied
updating zone : Journal open failed: Unexpected Errir

i have set mode (777) for the /var/lib/named    abd /var/lib/named/master  and /var/lib/named/master/  too..

why it is saying permission denied..
and i have made the statements 
  allow-update{ any; };
in that zone also..
i am able to lookup the host using nslookup
can anybody help me on this
thanks in advance,

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