Journal open failed.

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> 	See the FAQ answer to
> Q: I'm running BIND on Red Hat Enterprise Linux or Fedora Core -
>         Why can't named update slave zone database files?
> 	Why can't named create DDNS journal files or update the master
> 	zones from journals?
> 	Why can't named create custom log files?
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is that SELinux policy applied to SLES also?
i did not had any directory /var/named/slaves
  so just simply create and placed the file and did "rcnamed start" it said journal not found /var/named/slaves/ I am sure i have not done any spelling mistake

2. Then i copied the entire /var/lib/named as /var/named
  changed /etc/named.conf for the option directory -> "/var/named"
   in zone declaration i have made file "slaves/"
   bind-chroot is installed but there is no ROOTDIR variable in /etc/sysconfig/named.
   so i made it at the bootm ROOTDIR="" so that /var/named/slaves will be available..
   and tried to run using "rcnamed start" it says unable to change the directory /var/named 
   but it is available too.. i checked with mode 777 on the named directory also. but still same problem.

what mistake i am doing? shall i post my configuration files?..
is that SELinux security policy applies to SLES also?
somehow i want to run it. i am new to this. let me make it first then think for the security.

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