Create a DNS Server

Chris Boot bootc at
Fri Jun 16 07:55:48 UTC 2006

Barry Margolin wrote:
> In article <e6se6e$2872$1 at>,
>  "Curious Joe" <joebob.johnson at> wrote:
>> I just want to create a "local" DNS server.  I want it to have a copy
>> of my upstream providers DNS tables so I can get quicker lookups and
>> resolution for my local servers.
>> Is there a way to do this without having to get my upstream DNS
>> provider to help me?
> Configure your server as a slave of the upstream provider.  If they 
> restrict zone transfers, add them to add your address to the 
> "allow-transfer" access list for your zones.
I think he meant more a caching nameserver. In this case just install 
BIND and set it up to forward requests to your ISP's nameservers.


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