Named on LAN problem

Chris Thompson cet1 at
Mon Jun 26 17:51:01 UTC 2006

On Jun 26 2006, Olaf Lautenschlaeger wrote:

>> my /var/named/master/ file
>> $TTL    86400
>> @       IN      SOA
>> admin at (
>The SOA syntax hat to be going slightly different
>than eMail addresses normally do; you need to
>replace the "@" in "admin at ..." by a dot (".").
>named-checkzone is your friend. It will load and
>parse your zonefile exactly like named would do
>and complain more or less rigorous about any
>syntax issues.

Good advice, but sadly named-checkzone will not pick up that particular
error, as admin at for SOA.rname is syntactically valid.
It just doesn't mean what the OP thinks it does, mapping in RFC 282x 
terms to "admin at clickonline"@net. (I suppose using -D might give you 
a clue when it escapes the "@" in the output.)

Chris Thompson
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