Couldn't open POD file Windows x64

Danny Mayer mayer at
Tue Jun 27 22:09:01 UTC 2006

Angela wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to install BIND 9.3.2 on a Windows x64 system. I'm having 
> problems with account permissions for the 'named' user account.
> The event log shows:
> starting BIND 9.3.2
> found 1 CPU, using 1 worker thread
> loading configuration from 'C:\WINDOWS\system32\dns\etc\named.conf'
> listening on IPv4 interface Loopback Interface 1,
> listening on IPv4 interface TCP/IP Interface 2,
> command channel listening on
> couldn't open pid file 'C:\WINDOWS\system32\dns\etc\': Permission 
> denied
> exiting (due to early fatal error)
> Having tried various ways to give BIND 'permission' to write files and 
> failed I have to ask is there anyone out there using BIND on Windows x64 who 
> can help me get the server started please?
> Angela

You need to add permissions for the account running named, not your own

In this case you are better off disabling it altogether. Windows doesn't
have a real use for the file. Add:
 pid-file none;
to the options statement and it won't try to write the file.


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