'include'ing all files in a directory - has this been done?

Paul Colquhoun postmaster at andor.dropbear.id.au
Thu Jun 29 05:49:03 UTC 2006

Has anybody modified BIND so that the 'include' statement in the config
file will include all the files in a directory, if it is given a
directory name instead of a file name?

Something like the way that xinetd does?

I'm working on a new BIND installation for an ISP, and this would enable
us to have a directory full of small files, each one holding the 'zone'
statement for a single domain. Adding and removing a domain could then
be done by adding/removing the relevant file, without needing to modify
the main config file each time.

Or, to stop inadvertent includes, call it 'include-dir' so a typo wont
have such a big, unexpected effect.

Has this been shot down in the past as a bad idea?

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