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Restated:  You don't need to upgrade the Solaris to upgrade the BIND

I'm surprised though that anyone is using Solaris 7.  When I went to
Solaris Admin classes a few years back they taught 2.6 and 8 (2.8) and
specifically said no one should use 7 (2.7) as it was fairly buggy.  

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In any case I say download the 9.3.2 source, compile, and use that  
instead. It takes about a couple of minutes. Run named-checkconf  
against your named.conf and correct any errors. There really is no  
reason not to be running the latest version of BIND9.
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>>> Well now it IS broke ain't it?
>>> If you tell them the most likely cause is that you were hacked  
>>> that in
>>> tandem with the fact it is not working properly should get them  
>>> to let
>>> you upgrade.
>> Actually, I'd put it more 'diplomatically' as in:
>> " The Bind that we are using is WELL past its "use-by" date.  I  
>> need to
>> upgrade to a much later version.  although I cannot positively state
>> that our name server has been hacked, everything I have now points to
>> that.
> Where are you getting the idea that his log messages point to that?
> "Bad referrel" errors indicate problems on other servers, not problems
> on your own.  Akamai also pulls some funny games with DNS to implement
> their global load balancing, and these often result in complaints from
> DNS servers.
> So if you're suggesting that Jeff lie to his bosses to get them to let
> him upgrade, at least be honest about it.
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