Chained Forwarding: Best Practice?

Lloyd Gieg idm at
Wed May 3 22:11:09 UTC 2006

Hi all -

I have a requirement to set up selective forwarding to a partner's
internal DNS, but the connection shouldn't come directly from my
internal caching server. The proposed solution is this:

1. Internal host queries internal caching server (recursive)
2. Internal caching server selectively forwards "" to DNS
server on DMZ. (recursive)
3. DMZ DNS server selectively forwards "" to partner's DNS
server. (recursive)
4. Partner's DNS resolves. (iterative)

I think this will technically work, but I'm worried a bit about the
recursive selective forwarding chain. Anybody have any advice on whether
I'm breaking any best practices with a setup like this? Or can I rely on
something like this for a high-production application?

Thanks in advance.

Lloyd Gieg

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