simple newbie question: personal root server

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Tue May 9 00:42:37 UTC 2006

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 Oliver Wendell Jones <noone at nowhere.not> wrote:

> I'm trying to set up my own private DNS, disconnected from the net 
> obviously.
> It seems I can get named to work with the root domain, but not with
> delegated domains.  Here's the entry in the conf file for root:
> zone "." IN {
>          type master;
>          file "named.root";
> };
> Here's the root zone file:
> @                       86400   IN      SOA     kyousuke.kasuga. root 
> (2006050601 1800 900 604800 86400)
>                          86400   IN      NS      localhost
>                          86400   IN      NS      manami
> localhost               86400   IN      A
> manami                  86400   IN      A
> kasuga.                 86400   IN      NS      manami
>                          86400   IN      NS      localhost
> "dig . ns" and "dig . soa" return the expected results.  However if I try
> to ask for the nameserver for the delegated domain (kasuga.), i.e.
> "dig kasuga. ns" the dig hangs, and times out trying to contact servers.
> Shouldn't I get a response based upon the root zone file specifying the
> two hosts in the NS records?  Or am I setting up the root zone wrong?
> You can respond by email to alansteiner at comcast dot net.

Try "dig kasuga. ns +norec".  Unless you specify a non-recursive lookup, 
the server tries to query the server that the zone is delegated to, to 
get the more reliable list of NS records.

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