Debugging IXFR's; getting a partial IXFR

Chris Thompson cet1 at
Tue May 9 19:42:20 UTC 2006

On Apr 26 2006, Wiley Sanders wrote:

>I just got finished debugging this strange problem between my slave
>server running BIND 9.2.1 (yes I know I need to upgrade) and a master
>running Windows 2000 (yes I know HE needs to upgrade worse than I do).
>I was getting a partial IXFR from the master -  
>I know, it's probably the MS server sending me bogus data,

Windows 2000 is notorious for mangling its zones as a slave if it
receives increments from BIND - we have a whole bunch of IP addresses
with "provide-ixfr no" due solely to this - so it's probably not that
suprising that it generates bad increments as a master!

Chris Thompson
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