Many masters, one slave

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Thu May 11 09:08:04 UTC 2006

Joshua Beining wrote:

> Setup a stealth slave.  Configure it as you would a normal slave for each
> of the zones but *don't* list it in any of the zone's NS records.

But can the stealth slave read automatically the zones from the A and B
I have described a simplified structure.
I have more than ten DNS servers with their own domains.
But I want to put only one server (and its slave) in the "whois" NS record.


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>> Subject: Many masters, one slave
>> I have many authoritative bind servers with various zones,
>> but I want to give my users just one server as authoritative DNS.
>> Example:
>> Server A:
>> Domains:,
>> Server B:
>> Domains:,,
>> Server C:
>> No domain configured, but I'd like if it were authoritave for
>> the domain of A and B servers.
>> Any suggestions?

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