Dynamic zones: some recommendations?

Rob Butler crodster2k at yahoo.com
Fri May 19 05:21:50 UTC 2006

> > Yes, DLZ can support an unlimited number of
> domains
> > with one entry in named.conf.  If you are going to
> use
> > an SQL database I highly recommend Postgresql.  If
> you
> > are looking for the best perfomance I recommend
> the
> > BDBHPT driver.  If you are looking for performance
> and
> > ease of maintaining the dns data I recommend a
> hybrid
> > approach as detailed in the best practices section
> of
> > the website.
> If you don't mind me asking, what's wrong with
> MySQL? How about LDAP?  
> I do currently run PostgreSQL but I was hoping to
> move my control  
> panel over to MySQL and LDAP, so those were
> currently my two  
> favourite options. Of course I could go the BDB
> route, but I'd rather  
> avoid that... It's more files to deal with.

There is nothing wrong with either.  I just like
Postgresql better personally.  I did get some really
bad numbers for the LDAP performance tests but that's
probably because I am not an LDAP expert by any means
and most likeley didn't have it indexed properly.


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