Bind Gateway to RBLDNSD

David Cary Hart Deming2U at
Sun May 21 20:09:10 UTC 2006

I hope that this isn't terribly OT.

I am having a bit of a brain freeze. I just need a sanity check. We
have been running an RBL for about a year now - making it available by
rsync. My local network Bind configuration is pretty straight forward

	zone "" IN {
	type forward;
	forward first;
	forwarders {;

It's pointing to the machine running RBLDNSD.

Now a couple of providers have approached us, offering to host the
blacklist. TuCows is our registrar and our DNS provider is GTE (which
was the only way to get a non-generic reverse pointer).

My question is pretty simple; TuCows will let me add name servers
with a prefix (eg pointing to the provider. That
seems to be the correct solution or do I have to get GTE to add the
forward zones?

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