Dynamic zones: some recommendations?

Kevin Darcy kcd at daimlerchrysler.com
Mon May 22 19:39:55 UTC 2006

How about "none of the above"? We use a web frontend with a Dynamic 
Update backend. SQL or LDAP seems overkill to me, unless one has 
millions of entries to manage.

- Kevin

Chris Boot wrote:

>Hi there,
>I've been working on the design of a web-based server control panel,  
>and now I'm working on the BIND/DNS Zones portion of the design. It  
>strikes me that there are plenty of options that I could use to allow  
>users to alter zones via the web. What I'm looking for are  
>suggestions or recommendations as to what method might be best to use  
>in the current environment. The options I've found so far are:
>Plain old zone files
>- Easy, extremely stable
>- Can use lots of memory for lots of zones
>- Could get out of sync with the backing database
>- File permissions could get finicky
>RDBMS-backed (MySQL or PostgreSQL)
>- Immediate zone updates
>- Very small memory footprint
>- Requires recompiling BIND
>- Still requires named.conf updates for adding/removing zones
>- Wildcards appear not to be supported without hacking at the SDB  
>- As for RDBMS  plus:
>- Somewhat inflexible schema that only allows a single TTL per label,  
>as opposed to allowing one to have a separate TTL for every record
>What do people use? Did I misunderstand any of the options? Any hints  
>and tips?
>I'm particularly wondering what people like DynDNS and other large  
>DNS hosting outfits do to run their servers...
>Many thanks,

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