Zone reload time after NOTIFY

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Wed May 24 20:36:57 UTC 2006


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> > I am not concerned specifically with disk operations or the 
> internal 
> > transfer mechanics of BIND. That's working fine. I just 
> want to reduce 
> > the amount of time it takes for a newly transferred zone to become 
> > available via the name resolution provided by the BIND server.
> > This effort is focused on getting BIND to match the responsiveness 
> > that the current Windows DNS infrastructure provides.
> So if you do a "dig soa @slave" after it logs 
> that it has transferred the new version, it still shows the 
> old serial number?
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I can't get it to reproduce that behavior now!!! I have made the exact
change I was performing yesterday over 15x. Changes are immediately 
available via name resolution. Yesterday, when everything was newly 
installed (RHEL4 U2 & BIND 9.2.4), there was at least a 20 minute 
delay. Any idea what could have been going on?


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