resolver search order question

Norman P. B. Joseph joseph at
Thu May 25 18:46:59 UTC 2006

Is this expected resolver behavior?  It doesn't fit my understanding,
but maybe my understanding is at fault.  The clients and servers in this
scenario are all BIND 9.2.4 under RHEL.

I have the following search order in a client's resolver configuration:


and I have the following two RRs in our DNS space:	MX	0	A	10.x.x.x

If I look for an A record for an unqualified "aj-mail1" the query fails,
but if I fully qualify the name in the query it succeeds.  I would have
expected the resolver to append the domains in the "search" directive in
order to the query name until it found "".

I'm guessing that the resolver discovers the label ""
first, because of the order of domains in the "search" directive, but
since it is an MX record and not an A record the search fails, but the
resolver doesn't continue with the other search domains because of the
existence of the label.  Or something like that.

What's the correct behavior?


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