How to establish a local network domain name

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> Hi,
> Advance note: this is my first time posting to this group, so please
> forgive and educate me on any netiquette errors. I also don't know
> where the FAQ is. I'm also very green when it comes to BIND and
> the entire DNS system. Please bear with me.
> I'm using a Fedora Core 4 system on my company's private network. I'm
> probably the only linux system on the network - everyone else is
> MSWindoze.  Is it possible for me to establish a domain name for my
> computer that will be recognized by any computer inside our company's
> private network?

You probably just need them to add a DNS entry for your system to their 
Domain Controller.  There's no need for you to run BIND on your machine, 
since nothing on the network will use it as a server -- they're pointing 
to the domain controllers for their hostname lookups.

> Also, if can piggy-back a bit (and this also may be related), how
> does it happen that my computer's IP address in the local network
> is, while reports

When you go out to the Internet, you're going through your company's 
firewall, which translates from the primary addresses to a public 

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