How do I query for all domains using a specific primary / secondary DNS?

balu.manyam at balu.manyam at
Wed Nov 1 09:43:29 UTC 2006

I guess this would be tough If  want to do this by walking down the DNS
tree from the different TLDs..
The easest thing  I reckon here would be to look at the ISPs BIND
servers named.conf file  If possible.


Polaris wrote:
> When you administer a domain name with a domain name register, you need
> to supply the primary and secondary DNS that points to where your
> domain is being hosted.
> I would like to find out the domain names of all the domains being
> hosted by my ISP. Is there some online tool where I can enter the
> primary DNS and obtain a list of all the domains that use the primary
> DNS? I would think that this must be possible because when I lookup a
> domain to find information about who the owner is, contact address,
> etc, it also lists their DNS. I can only assume that primary /
> secondary DNS are stored in a database somewhere and it should be
> possible to query the names of all domains using a specific DNS.

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