Stub on main DNS, view on target

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Fri Nov 3 02:10:53 UTC 2006

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> Realizing the complications that using "view"s within our main DNS
> servers might
> cause in the future I configured a subsidiary nameserver (call it's IP
> address "x") to provide the
> views for the zone
> On the main DNS server I declared as a stub with IP address
> x as the master.
> Unfortunately it seems that I got identical results from the different
> places I queried.
> Has anyone tried this and gotten it to work? (I'm really stretching the
> paradigm, here!)
> Thanks!

Is the main DNS server also a caching server for your network?  If so, 
then when someone outside your network queries it (let's say for, and the answer is already cached because someone inside 
the network made the same query, the main server will answer the query 
rather than providing a referral to x.  Since it cached the answer from 
an internal view, that's what you'll get when you query it from outside.

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