Yet another forwarding question.

Nicolas nicolas at
Mon Nov 6 21:43:17 UTC 2006


I work for a large company, which have several local Internet access. 
Most site have locally managed DNS, which might be configured to forward 
to local ISP's DNS or to use the ROOT servers using a hint zone.

A couple of central DNS host internal versions of our zones (with 
RFC1918 address), so that internal requests use internal WAN instead of 
Internet when applicable.

For this purpose, all internal DNS must be setup to forward to central 
DNS for our zones, instead of forwarding to local ISP or ROOT servers.

The problem is that we have *many* (I mean **MANY**) zones with RFC1918 
address, and the zone list is growing every times someone from the 
marketing department have a new idea :-(

I'm now looking for a way to have the "internal forwarding list" 
centrally managed, instead of having to tell to every local DNS admin to 
add another internal forwarding to the local DNS configuration so often.

Is there some sort of "hint" zones which allow for NS records for 
non-root domains and act like a slave zone ? This sound like pre-loading 
the DNS cache with very long TTL NS records, and having those NS record 
override possible local forwarder configuration.

Any tips ?


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