Yet another forwarding question.

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Tue Nov 7 01:25:44 UTC 2006

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> Hi,
> I work for a large company, which have several local Internet access. 
> Most site have locally managed DNS, which might be configured to forward 
> to local ISP's DNS or to use the ROOT servers using a hint zone.
> A couple of central DNS host internal versions of our zones (with 
> RFC1918 address), so that internal requests use internal WAN instead of 
> Internet when applicable.
> For this purpose, all internal DNS must be setup to forward to central 
> DNS for our zones, instead of forwarding to local ISP or ROOT servers.
> The problem is that we have *many* (I mean **MANY**) zones with RFC1918 
> address, and the zone list is growing every times someone from the 
> marketing department have a new idea :-(

You could simply forward EVERYTHING to the central DNS, and it will go 
out to its ISP for external zones.

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