Round Robin

Andy Shellam (Mailing Lists) andy.shellam-lists at
Tue Nov 7 14:22:42 UTC 2006

In a short answer... No.

DNS is only for translating a host-name into an IP address.
It can return an IP address as a round-robin, regardless of whether the 
server on that address is up, down, unavailable, non-existent.

What you're asking for in essence is clustering.
You'll be needing something else in your software like Heartbeat/Nagios 
to monitor nodes status and take action based on when a node goes down 
to take it out of the cluster.


Fabio Silva wrote:
> Hi all, i have a question about round robin, if a node goes down, the
> DNS will send the packets to that node or DNS can understand that,
> that node goes down??
> Is there any other solution to do load balance like round robin?
> Regards,
> !DSPAM:37,4550955240419416277106!

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