Yet another forwarding question.

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Wed Nov 8 19:05:18 UTC 2006

Nicolas wrote:
> Kevin Darcy wrote :
>> No, no such facility currently exists in BIND, to my knowledge.
>> But it doesn't seem like it would be that hard to define a "special" 
>> zone that could be used by some cron script to build a named.conf 
>> "include" file, containing definitions of the various zones of interest. 
>> I would consider using stub or slave zones instead of forwarding though. 
>> What you're basically looking for is a "delegation override", which can 
>> take different forms, with different tradeoffs; here is a link to a post 
>> containing my still-evolving mini-FAQ on the subject: 
> The bad news with you named.conf include file is that this will work 
> only for bind. Unfortunately, several existing local DNS admins don't 
> use bind. :-(
No, I wasn't really proposing that the "special zone" contain literally 
TXT records that form an include file, just that it contain enough 
information so that the appropriate zone definitions will be 
automatically created, whether those definitions take the form of a BIND 
named.conf include file, registry entries, database entries, or 
whatever. For that matter, if you were willing to maintain such a thing, 
you could have different "views" of that special zone, so that you could 
serve up different data to BIND servers, MS-DNS servers, or whatever, 
and they could use that data to build their zone definitions.

The "delegation override" mini-FAQ is mostly BIND-centric, I admit, but 
not completely so, since even Microsoft DNS supports stub zones these 

                           - Kevin

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