Unable to access website within server network , but outside the network yes

KickStart.Net ragubargs at gmail.com
Thu Nov 9 07:17:44 UTC 2006


  I have hosted websites on by SUSE box,  and ofcourse used zoneedit
Dynamic DNS utility
and i have a DSL connection and a Belkin Wireless router.

  My problem is this: all my websites work fine (reachable) by DNS
(www.<something>.<>) outside my home network, but inside i am able to
access only by IP like

  What is wrong in my settings, which prevents from DNS mapping inside
my home network where the webservers and hosted and running.

 I am using apache as my webserver.

When i use website's DNS name within home network , i am routed to my
router page.

Please help.

ya ofcourse i am able to see www.google.com and so on inside my home


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