Building 9.3.2-P2 with SUN Studio 11

Allen Wooden awooden at
Fri Nov 10 14:17:17 UTC 2006

So is using a parallel make supported now? I'm using dmake from SUN
Studio 11 and it compiles clean but after reading the README,CHANGES,
and FAQ I'm a bit unclear as to whether I should continue using it or
add the -m serial command option.


        --- 9.3.1beta1 released ---

1790.   [cleanup]       Move lib/dns/sec/dst up into lib/dns.  This should
                        allow parallel make to succeed.

README snipped -
To build, just


        Do not use a parallel "make".

FAQ snipped
Q: I'm trying to compile BIND 9, and "make" is failing due to files not being
   found. Why?

A: Using a parallel or distributed "make" to build BIND 9 is not supported, and
   doesn't work. If you are using one of these, use normal make or gmake

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