Dynamic DNS

Kevin Darcy kcd at daimlerchrysler.com
Wed Nov 15 00:53:27 UTC 2006

voipfc wrote:
> I want to set up Dynamic DNS  on a DNS server.
> Regardless of which server I use is it mainly the setting of the TTL to
> a low figure - 60s that configures that dns name as a dynamic one?
"Dynamic DNS" can mean a wide variety of things that people want it to 
mean. If having a low TTL means, to you, that a given record is Dynamic 
DNS, then you're perfectly welcome to that opinion.

It might be more productive, however, if you describe what your 
requirements are, and then we can weigh in on whether we think Dynamic 
DNS, as _we_ define it, meets those requirements or not.

            - Kevin

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