Public DNS with NAT IP

guy cipher guy.cipher at
Thu Nov 16 12:11:21 UTC 2006

I'm setuping the BIND 9.3 on Solaris 9 server having private IP address. The
Firewall is doing mapping (NATing) the public IP to the private IP address.
Let's say ->

The current DNS server is working fine having public IP is working fine.
When I copied all the configuration from current DNS server to another
server having private IP (  The configuration is same only the
server IP is private.  The DNS server is not resolving properly the queries
for non-authrorartive server, but it does resolves the all A records defined
in the DNS configuration.

When I run 'nslookup' it generates meesage "can't find server name for
address". It resolves the queries from "" loopback
address. Sometimes it generates "No address (A) records available.

My questions are below:

Is there any specific configuraton for bind when configure public DNS having
private IP and NAT on firewall.
Should the A record of the DNS server will reflect the "private IP" or
oublic IP.

Please help me if somebody have configured the bind in same environment.

Thanks in advance


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