Dynamic DNS

voipfc voipfc at googlemail.com
Thu Nov 16 10:55:49 UTC 2006

Mohamed Amine BOURHIL wrote:
> for setting up a DNS or DHCP server you must have a static IP.
> Le lundi 13 novembre 2006 03:01, voipfc a écrit :
> > I want to set up Dynamic DNS  on a DNS server.
> >
> > Regardless of which server I use is it mainly the setting of the TTL to
> > a low figure - 60s that configures that dns name as a dynamic one?
> >
> > voipfc

>From further reading it appears that Dynamic DNS refers to the ability
to have a record updated by some external tool regardless of the
frequency. I just wrongly associated it with the type of service
offered by dyndns.org in which the device automatically updates the
server with its new dynamic ip when it changes or the device itself

I am now working with bind and would like to know if there are some
tools tnat allow BIND9 zones to be updated.

>From what I understand BIND9 does not allow new records to be inserted,
but I am not sure if that refers to new zones or new resource records
for a zone.

Can anyone clarify that?



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