bind forward to rbldns server intermittently fails

Hans den Otter HansdenOtter at
Sat Nov 18 11:00:25 UTC 2006

> I think that was it.
> So "forward only" would do the trick. But why would rbldns timeout over
> a local 100MBps network. Can I do something to stop that
> The rbldns server by itself is never loaded

It is loading.

Your right that you that explicit have to reload the rbldns server.

The rblsdnsd is checking every minute of the zone file is modified.

And then automatically load's the zone.

I assume that we are talking about

Loading an 150 Mb zone takes time.

Are you using the -f option  ?

?f  Request rbldnsd to continue processing requests during data reloads. 
Rbldnsd forks a child process to handle requests while parent reloads the 
data. This ensures smooth operations, but requires more memory, since two 
copies of data is keept in memory during reload process

PS: This is an bind list not an rbldns(d) list. 

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