[Fwd: Strange named-checkzone behaviour] - error found

Urban Loesch bind at enas.net
Tue Nov 21 10:21:25 UTC 2006


I found the error.
named-checkzone checks if the reverse Record (PTR) mail.enas.net 
( is the same as the A Record.
If not, it reports an error that mail.enas.net is a CNAME and that is 
illegal. The PTR-Record of is "dns.enas.net".

If I change the MX to dns.enas.net I receive the following from 

# named-checkzone ultental.eu db.ultental.eu
zone ultental.eu/IN: loaded serial 2006120701


-------- Original Message --------
Subject: 	Strange named-checkzone behaviour
Date: 	Tue, 21 Nov 2006 11:07:21 +0100
From: 	Urban Loesch <bind at enas.net>
Newsgroups: 	comp.protocols.dns.bind


I will use named-checkzone to check the right syntax etc. of my zonefiles.

Today I tried it out an I see the following error:

# named-checkzone ultental.eu /var/named/var/named/master/db.ultental.eu
zone ultental.eu/IN: ultental.eu/MX 'mail.enas.net' (out of zone) is a
CNAME (illegal)
zone ultental.eu/IN: loaded serial 2006120701

named-checkzone reports that "mail.enas.net" is a CNAME and thats
illegal in MX-Records. But the RRs "mail.enas.net" is not a CNAME. It's
a usual A-Record.

Zonefile of ultental.eu:
$TTL 1d
@ IN SOA dns.enas.net. bind.enas.net. (
                 2006120701      ; Seriennummer
                         1d      ; Refresh von einem Tag
                         1h      ; Retry nach 1 Stunde
                         1w      ; Expire nach 1 Woche
                         1d )    ; Negative Caching TTL von 1 Tag

; Nameserver:
                 IN NS   dns.enas.net.
                 IN NS   dns2.enas.net.
; A-Records
www     IN A
; MX Records
@       IN MX 10 mail.enas.net.

Dig for mail.enas.net reports.
$ dig @dns.enas.net mail.enas.net
;mail.enas.net.                 IN      A

mail.enas.net.          86400   IN      A

I use BIND 9.4.0b4.

Version of "named-checkzone" = 9.4.0b4

Have you any Idea why named-checkzone reports me that error?

Thanks and regards

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