How to disable DNS updates on LINUX server?

David Nolan nolan at
Thu Nov 23 23:37:53 UTC 2006

--On November 21, 2006 3:55:20 PM -0800 nsvora <nirav.s.vora at> 

> Hi All,
> I am working on Dynamic DNS client implementation. I have the following
> scenario:
> 1) The target under test gets the IP Address from the DHCP server.
> 2) After getting the IP Address, my DDNS client would send the update
> request to the DDNS server directly.
> But currently, DHCP server is sending the update to the DNS server
> directly.
> Any idea of how to disable DHCP sending DDNS updates ?


You didn't specify what DHCP server you're using, but if its ISC dhcpd you 
can either disable it globally via:
    ddns-update-style none;
or disable it in individual scopes (per client, per subnet, etc) via:
    ddns-updates off;

There are other things to consider as well, such as using TSIG for secure 
updates, which I'm guessing you're not doing.  (If you were you could just 
remove the TSIG key from the dhcpd config)

In my experience you're better off having dhcpd do the updates then 
trusting the clients, but in a tightly controlled managed environment 
updates from the clients may be acceptable.


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