On-line nslookup?

Doug McIntyre merlyn at geeks.org
Sun Nov 26 06:42:30 UTC 2006

"Greg Raven" <gregraven at gmail.com> writes:
>The 4th edition "DNS and BIND" recommends using nslookup to get
>information. However, my operating system -- Mac OS X -- does not offer
>nslookup, although it does have dig, host, whois, and probably some
>others. Is there an on-line nslookup utility? Is there a way to
>duplicate with dig or ??? what Albitz and Lui do with nslookup?

dig can do everything nslookup can and more. 

OSX doesn't come with nslookup since its depreciated. There's one
case where nslookup makes tech support types think they know what a
problem is when they don't, and they are running up to a limitation
in nslookup (when an authoritative server doesn't have a reverse PTR). 

Its been kind of funny watching some of them defend their position
based on data given out by nslookup that they couldn't interpret correctly. 

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