On-line nslookup?

Paul Vixie Paul_Vixie at isc.org
Sun Nov 26 21:27:43 UTC 2006

"Greg Raven" <gregraven at gmail.com> writes:

> Thanks. I think what was throwing me off was the difference in
> formatting between nslookup and dig. Also, I was attempting to compare
> nslookup results with dig results obtained without the "any" qualifier,
> so the dig results appeared a bit sparse.

beware of "any".  if you send a query to a recursive name server having type
"any", it'll likely be processed nonrecursively, so you will only see the
types present in the name server's cache, which might not be all of the
types that actually exist in the zone.  if you want "any" to work, then you
should find out who the NS RRs are for the zone, and ask them directly.  i
believe that nslookup might be doing that for you behind the scenes, but i
know that "dig" will do no such thing.
Paul Vixie

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