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Mon Nov 27 14:43:11 UTC 2006

kelvin dumb wrote:
> My goal is to allow MS clients talk to w3k AD and let
> other *nix talk to BIND. I'm using a Bind DNS 9.2.4 on
> Debian and Windows 2003.
> BIND has and MS DNS ICS
> DHCP is DHCP server. I want to subdomain so MS DNS
> will handle all the traffic from MS clients. This is
> what I have been doing so far.

In addition to what Kevin Darcy has replied, let me add these:

1) I have the six MS AD zones on a MS W2003 DNS Server, and I have those
   zones slaved on my BIND servers.  And I have many child domains
   with their four "_" zones on the MS Server and slaved on BIND.

2) The only other zones I have that are subject to DDNS are one
   forward zone and its five reverse zones, all on the W2003 DNS Server
   (under the control of an MS DHCP Server).  These are also slaved on
   my BIND server.

3) Search the archives of this discussion group, as there have been
   many MS-BIND integration postings over the years.

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