How to reduce the number of IP address returned when resolving a big round robin DNS entry

besnard michel mbesnard at
Tue Nov 28 10:03:08 UTC 2006

it wasn't me !!

i'm facing "message truncated" bit problem ; my BIND server send back
29 RRs to my DNS client. But not all my DNS client accept this bit and
use TCP instead (normal) ; for the moment i do not accept TCP
(firewalled and not load balance, need to check BIND configuration...
to make). So i reduce the number of entries in my big IN A round robin
entrie. I think it's the best solution for security : DDoS attack. So
i try to used UDP only for DNS client.

i read some archive on this subject but the solution is not clear for me  1064 IN CNAME 164 IN A 164 IN A 164 IN A 164 IN A 164 IN A 164 IN A

does akadns got a nsupdate tool to refresh any
entries each 2 minutes ? does some one know a tool doing this or any
vendor ?

on an other way does EDNS0 RFC2671 is really used a problem like this ?
What is the real support of RFC2671 of actual DNS client ?
I have to fix also my firewall problem to use more than 512 byte for
DNS over UDP.

my actual DNS clients are based on IP hardphone ...!

i've found the FAQ year 1999 now

sorry for the disturbing
bye and thanks for your hospitality

2006/11/28, Barry Margolin <barmar at>:
> In article <ekevq3$4af$1 at>,
> "besnard michel" <mbesnard at> wrote:
> > hi,
> > A create an round robin entrie (IN A) with more than 50 address IP return
> > my DNS client can accept up to around 29 entries and doesn't like truncated
> > message
> >
> > Can BIND is able to reduce the number of IP returned to DNS client whitout
> > sending truncated message ?
> Isn't this something like the 4th or 5th time you've asked about this?
> You've already been told that BIND can't do this, why do you post the
> same question every few months?
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