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Wed Nov 29 00:55:56 UTC 2006

Res wrote:
> Point taken, and thinking about it, I agree, and maybe the person related 
> to DNSReports monitoring this thread could change this to reflect a WARN 
> or offer another point of view as to why they prefer FAIL.
Hear, hear.

Although, on DNS Report, it does say "A FAIL record indicates a problem 
that really should be fixed", whereas a WARN is a "configuration issue 
that is often not worth pursuing."
Personally, I think it's down to the sysadmin's policy really, and that 
yes DNS Report should downgrade it to WARN, as it doesn't indicate a DNS 
zone is liable to fail.

Also, can anyone clarify how the "Single Point of Failure" test is 
worked out?  For example on my domain:, it reports a 
WARN on this test, saying that 1 of it's 2 tests cannot work out if my 
nameservers are on different class C IPs - which they are, 
and  Why is the test failing?  I know it's not a problem 
as I know the servers are in different physical locations, I just like 
to have a full PASS :-)



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