Accuracy of DNSStuff reports

Len Conrad LConrad at
Wed Nov 29 22:47:40 UTC 2006

>But showing a FAIL on a working site is just
>an open invitation to misunderstanding and confusion.

The problem I have had for years with dnsreports is that the 
logorrhea of the text confuses and misleads as much as it 
informs.  Rather than using terms commonly used in DNS discussion and 
taken mostly from the DNS RFCs, it used to have synonyms that 
confusingly hid the canonical jargon.

eg, it used to flag as an WARNing "missing glue" when when .com 
domain had NSs under .org.  Every went around trying fix their "missing glue".

It used to call the .com/.net parent servers the root servers.

I bet people have spent 1000s of hours wild-goose chasing and trying 
to fix  DNSReports warnings and failures that weren't either.

The original DNSReprts guy absolutely refused my suggestions for 
clarifying and simplifying his text and for using DNS jargon rather 
WTF-is-does-that-mean? synonyms.


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