How to organize the back-up.

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> Hi folks,
> just a tip on how to configure the slave servers.
> The scenario is the following:
> company A and company B
> each company has got its own domain names and has one master server and the 
> respective slave.
> Now the boss asked me to make the backup of all the domain names belonging to 
> the company A on the company B servers and 
> vice versa.
> So, the company B master will be the slave of company A zones and vice versa.
> What would you suggest for the slave servers? I mean, should the company B 
> slave take the company A zones from the 
> company B master or directly from the company A master?
> I'm sorry for these newbie questions but I'd like to know if there are any 
> advantages on having each slave to take all 
> the information from its "first" master instead of getting them directly from 
> the master that is deputed to manage the 
> zones. I could think of that scenario if the bandwidth between the two 
> company is very low.
> I will appreciate any of your explanations on this topic.

Having the slaves pull from the local master adds some propagation 
delay, because it's a two-step process: B-master pulls from A-master, 
then B-slave pulls from B-master.  However, if notify is used, we're 
only talking about a few extra seconds, so it's probably not a big deal.

Other than the bandwidth issue you mention, I can't think of any other 
significant differences between the two schemes.  So do what's easier 
for you administratively.

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