Joseph S D Yao jsdy at center.osis.gov
Tue Oct 3 15:59:59 UTC 2006

On Tue, Oct 03, 2006 at 10:51:54AM -0400, Paul Amaral wrote:
> Guys, one of my customer asked me if its possible to have him CNAME some NS
> records so that my name servers look like his name servers.
> Lets say im ns1.isp.net he wants his customers to use ns1.hiscompany.com
> with the registrars instead of ns1.isp.net.
> I know I can CNAME it but am I breaking an RFC or is there any implications
> I'm not seeing. 

You should never have a name on the right-hand side of an NS record that
is on the left-hand side of a CNAME record.

Instead, you should have an A record associating the new name with the
old IP address.

example.com.	NS	ns1.example.com.
ns1		CNAME	my.favourite.ns.ie.

example.com.	NS	ns1.example.com.
; Change the following to follow my.favourite.ns.ie. if the latter ever
; changes!
ns1		A	312.954.768.811

Joe Yao
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