Answering non-existing AAAA query with A record

Samuel Tardieu sam at
Tue Oct 3 15:39:33 UTC 2006


When Vista gets out, we will likely see many more AAAA
queries. However, not everyone has yet migrated to IPv6 so many AAAA
queries will return a negative answer and the client will likely do a
A query right after the AAAA one.

Would it be possible for authoritative servers to spontaneously add
some "glue" in the case there are no AAAA records for the queried
domain when a A record exists? And would bind as a recursive server
cache this information if it comes from an authoritative server?

The goal is not to propagate this information down to the client, but
to preload it in her ISP recursive server cache so that the A record
can then be queried more efficiently. Would it be doable? Would that
be a good idea?

Samuel Tardieu -- sam at --

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