Override default directory.

AM am at am.am
Wed Oct 4 10:21:16 UTC 2006

Hi folks,

I would split my named.con into multiple files.
I saw that the directive "include" should work fine but I'm wondering if the default directory where to get those files 
is that specified in the option section directory "/bla/bla/bla". I always have thought of that option as it applied 
just for the database files.

I don't know if the best practice is to have the named.con in /etc and the database files in /var/named. I guess that 
splitting the named.con file will have part of it in the directory /var/named. If I wish to keep them in /etc could I 
simply specify an absolute path for the include files?

I will be glad if some of you point me on the right direction especially those who manage thousands of zone and whose 
servers act for them both as master and a server and in turn for the backup side making the back-up from different masters.



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