Bind 9.1 As SOA with Windows 2003 DNS Server

Barry Finkel b19141 at
Mon Oct 9 13:52:58 UTC 2006

"Skywalker" <lcorda at> wrote:

>Currently in an NT 4 domain with a Windows 2003 DNS server.  The Bind
>server is the SOA for the zone.  We plan to keep the BIND server as the
>SOA. The BIND server has multiple interfaces, so it is serving DNS
>internally and externally on our network. Firewall rules block
>computers from performing dynamic DNS updates to the BIND server. We
>want the dynamic updates to happen on the Windows 2003 DNS server.
>Network traces prove that the computers only attempt to update the BIND
>server after performing an SOA query. Obviously, we are not using
>Active Directory Integrated DNS nor do I know at this point if that
>will happen.  We will have a Windows 2003 domain controller in the next
>couple of weeks.  When we try to run dynamic DNS from an XP client, the
>computer cannot register itself on the Windows 2003 DNS server as it is
>not the SOA for that zone.  We have proved that the computer can
>register itself on the Windows 2003 DNS server, if the Windows 2003 DNS
>server is the SOA for the zone.  There are no plans to remove BIND.
>Does anyone have a solution? Any information would be helpful.

In addition to what Kevin Darcy wrote, let me add the following:

If I correctly interpret what you wrote, you have

     1) You have a BIND server as the master of the zone in question.
     2) Your firewall does not allow DDNS to that BIND server.
     3) You want DDNS to occur on the Windows 2003 DNS Server.

You should search the archives of this discussion group (and may be of
its late sister list, bind9-users), as there have been many W2k-related
postings over the years.

You do not give us your domain name structure.  If your BIND server is
master for

and the Windows client machines have names

then you will have to allow DDNS on the BIND server, or move the zone
to the W2k DNS Server.  You cannot have two masters for the

If your Windows client machines have names

then you can place the AD zone (along with the six AD-related zones)
on the W2k DNS Server and slave the zones on the BIND server.
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