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Peter Dambier peter at
Fri Oct 13 09:32:58 UTC 2006

Brent Clark wrote:
> Peter Dambier wrote:
>>Maybe this can help:
>>DNS is under developement. Bind is under development following the
>>changes in DNS.
> Hi
> May I ask what you mean by "DNS is under development".
> Kind Regards
> B Clark


RFC2671 Extension Mechanisms for DNS (EDNS0)

There used to be an issue with the implementation of EDNS


DNSEC is currently implemented at RIPE and it still gives headaches.
DNSEC builds on EDNS. There is discussion about an updated document.


Internet-Draft ENUM EDNS0 Requirements June 2006

ENUM builds on EDNS0 and still is a draft. So it is still ongoing.

E.G. IPv6

is it A6 or is it AAAA or is it something totally different?

There is discussion on NANOG, DNSOP and BOTNETS about abolishing
open resolvers. In the long run that will mean you can no longer
rely on your ISPs resolvers you have to run your own. I dont know
how the MS guys will do that. I know bind can. I am running
bind-9.4.0b2 and I am testing.

And there others. The IETF is very busy.

Maybe "DNS is under development" is not the correct expression.
There is constant change and bind follows these changes.

The performance I have seen did improve from both bind 9.2 and
bind 9.3

bind-9.4.0b2 is still beta but I am very satisfied with it.
No headaches here.

Kind regards
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