EOF and Zone Files

toniintc at gmail.com toniintc at gmail.com
Mon Oct 16 22:25:47 UTC 2006

Yes, it was indeed a cut and paste error.

It turns out that the problem only happens when I reload the zones
directly from the code with either:

exec("/usr/local/sbin/rndc reload");


shell_exec('sudo /usr/local/sbin/rndc reload');

both of which do not give an error and obviously trigger the reload as
there are entries in the log file.  For some reason if I disable the
reload in the code and issue the rndc reload from the shell as root, it
works fine.  So, as a permanent fix I simply write a trigger file to
/var/named from the code, and run a cron script once a minute to check
for that file.  If it's present I delete it and do an rndc reload.  Now
everything works as it should.  This is probably better anyway,
especially given I have co-workers that could add and remove zones and
rr's in rapid fire fashion - now it will only reload once per minute no
matter what, versus every time something is changed.

Thanks for the help!


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