Host-level forwarding override

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Tue Oct 17 01:13:29 UTC 2006

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 Jan Ceuleers <janspam.ceuleers at> wrote:

> Barry Margolin wrote:
> > Create a master zone for instead of foo.tld.
> Barry,
> Unfortunately the proxy servers are named something like 
> proxy{12}.foo.tld (i.e. not proxy{12} Correct me if I'm 
> wrong, but I don't think I can create master zones and 
> and have queries to these resolve as if they were 
> hostnames, or can I?

Sure you can.  What's the difference between that and having queries to 
foo.tld resolve as if they're hostnames?

The zone file for would look like this:

@ IN SOA ...
  IN NS yourmachine.domain.tld.
  IN A <address of proxy1>

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