Lame servers in 9.4.0b2

Tom Daly tom at
Wed Oct 18 00:36:43 UTC 2006

> 	Well it is lame.  Notice it is returning a referral to itself.

Roger that. Investigating that further on my part reveals that to be the 
case, as you said.

> 	I suspect you issued a *recursive* query.  Given they running
> 	BIND 8.3.3-REL-NOESW this recursed and returned the answer
> 	it was given (note the "aa" flag) and cached it.  Subsequent
> 	queries return the cached answer (note there is no "aa"
> 	flag).

Yes, I was not setting "+norec" on my test queries, so this behavior is 
accurate. What is the exact significance of BIND 8.3.3-REL-NOESW; does 
BIND 9 behave differently in this case (noting that these ordb servers 
are open recursives, which I've contacted them about)?

>> Downgrading to BIND 9.3.2-P1 causes these messages to go away.
>> Could this be a bug with BIND? Is BIND being more sensitive to lame
>> delegations in more recent versions? Best as we can tell, is not
>> having any problems problems with the zone.

Not a bug. :)

What is the different between 9.3.2-P1 and 9.4.0b2 that causes the 
difference in how this situation is logged?

Thanks for the great explaination!

Tom Daly

Thomas J. Daly
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Dynamic Network Services, Inc.

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