Root server cannot be a forwarder?

John Hascall john at
Mon Oct 23 14:46:18 UTC 2006

> > Ever built a DNS server and set up your own namespace at home, or
> > anywhere?  you can use either BIND, or Windows DNS, or some other
> > DNS implementation.  Then you can set a root, and top level domains
> > like fruit. and vegetable. and then second level domains,
> > apple.fruit., orange.fruit., eggplant.vegetable., tomato.vegetable.,
> > etc.

> Every first-year student in computer science did that, on its home
> Ubuntu PC :-) And Barry is right, he can call his PC a "root name
> server" after that. But, besides learning DNS or distracting the
> student, what's the point of it?

Boy, I hesitate to step into this mess, but...

There are legitimate reasons to run a "root name server" outside
of being one of the "ROOT NAME SERVERS".  Two which spring to mind
are Hesiod and NetReg.


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