have DNS show two IP's for one server

Mark Andrews Mark_Andrews at isc.org
Wed Oct 25 22:40:07 UTC 2006

> Hey,
> When I run nslookup or dig from my dns server for my server abc123.com.
>  I get both external IP's for that server.  When I go out to the
> internet and do a lookup.  I only get one IP(it does alternate).  How
> do I get it to show both IP's of the one server.  I am running BIND
> Version 9.3.2. on SUSE Linux 8.0.
> Thanks and new to DNS...
> Caggie

	Named does not have the ability to split up a RRset.  Whatever
	tool you are using remotely will only be reporting the first
	RR in the RRset returned.

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