One slave tried to notify another slave after received zone change from master

Mark Andrews Mark_Andrews at
Thu Oct 26 00:17:04 UTC 2006

> Hi,
> I run into this issue while working on zone transfers from master to slave.
> Here is the scenario:
> n1 and ns2 are slave, ns3 is master. ns1 and ns2 are domain name servers
> (NX). When changed zone files are pushed to n1 and ns2 from ns3, ns1
> also tried to send the same changes to ns2.  The ns2 is configured not
> to send any notification.
> The bind is 9.3.2 on Linux. Why does ns1 want to notify ns2 even if it's
> not a dns master for the domain?
> Simon

	Because you can have "master -> slave -> slave ...".

	The NOTIFY defaults support this configuration and it does
	no harm other than a little extra traffic.  If you don't
	want the slave to send notify messages then you can disable
	them at the zone level.

	BIND 9.4.0 has:

1595.   [func]          New notify type 'master-only'.  Enable notify for
                        master zones only.

	You can then selective re-enable slave zones if required.

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